Some of our Google Reviews

This is easely one of the best escape room i've ever been to. Both rooms are quite unique with totally different puzzles. Each of the rooms puts your brain to test. I recommend it for everyone to try it out if you go to Cluj !

Demzse Nimrod Avatar Demzse Nimrod
16 January 2022

It was a really nice experience ? The rooms were well designed and the ambiance was very immersive. The enigmas and puzzles were various and interesting, based on logic and team work. The owner/maker was very nice and passionated.

Julien Coxo Avatar Julien Coxo
16 January 2022

Amazing! The setting is unbelievable, everything is custom made by the owner in order to fit the theme of the room. The immersion in the story is at a whole another level. If you are around and you like a good escape room, definetly should try this one

Alin Scarlat Avatar Alin Scarlat
16 January 2022

Very nice experience! We tried the Castle room, everything is very well put toghether and it makes you use your communication and intuition skills in order to solve it.The puzzles are intricate and very well thought. The room really puts you in the atmosphere with the lightings and music. The owner is very friendly and their dog as well :> Support local!

Andreea Musina Avatar Andreea Musina
16 January 2022

amazing puzzles and much different than all other escape rooms i've been to. I really enjoyed this experience

Ariana Morar Avatar Ariana Morar
16 January 2022

a very interesting room with twisted yet solvable puzzles, a must try in my opinion we only tried the castle chamber, but I am sure both are as difficult and enjoyable

Dan Toderici Avatar Dan Toderici
16 July 2022

Had a great experience with my girlfriend. Friendly organizer and a very nice puzzle

Cristi Avatar Cristi
16 March 2022

Great experience! We tried the Transylvania Castle room and loved every second of it! Definitely recommending it! We'll be back to try the Submarine next time we visit Cluj! ?

Cristina Ungureanu Avatar Cristina Ungureanu
16 May 2022

Such an awesome experience, right in a middle of Cluj! You really get sunked deep into the atmosphere of a Jules Vernes' submarine, and the storyline itself is pretty amazing. All the interior details are made with a great thoroughness, so it's obvious, that authors have really put their hearts into this project. Highly recommend this escape room for all the "clujeni" and tourists, as well.

Tania Karabetskaya Avatar Tania Karabetskaya
16 January 2022

The submarine exceeded all my expectations. I was quite reluctant as they didn't have much publicity going around when we went, so I was prepared for the worst, but I think it's by far the best escape room I've been to (at least here in Cluj). The mechanics are amazing, the story is captivating, and you can see the passion it took to create such wonderful puzzles and experiences. I totally, totally recommend this, we enjoyed it very much.

Cristina Marina Avatar Cristina Marina
16 January 2020

The most amazing escape game I ever made, everything is perfect. The owner is so kind and all the puzzles are amazing

guillaume sou Avatar guillaume sou
16 April 2022

We tried the submarine. Loved the semi-automated mechanisms of the room. Great decor and very immersive experience. Our host did a great job at guiding us just right. Will be back for the castle room.

David Budelecean Avatar David Budelecean
16 March 2022

A marvellous experience. The location is a bit far from the city center but it is definitely worth it. We had a blast! We tried both rooms, but The Transylvanian Castle was exquisite - the finess of the misteries and the mind games were astonishing. The host is friendly, communicative and skillfull,being the creator of both rooms.

Hyper HeLL Avatar Hyper HeLL
16 July 2022

Immersive experience right from the start with a good quality storyline, it's beautifully designed and very detailed. We managed to escape but with quite a few hints! Would thoroughly recommend the Castle to anyone who enjoys a fun challenge. We will be looking to come back and try also the Submarine one!

Daniela Mitrea Avatar Daniela Mitrea
1 September 2022

Awesome experience. Great puzzles and attention to detail. Can't wait to try Transylvania Castle next time.

adela cadar Avatar adela cadar
16 September 2022

The host is a legend and the puzzles are complex and entertaining. Can’t wait for the next one

Josh L Avatar Josh L
16 July 2022

I really enjoyed this game and 10/10 I recommend it. This game makes you step out of your day to day reality and takes you in another world filled with mystery . The task/puzzles are really interesting, captivating and mesmerizing. The rooms are really fascinating with magical atmosphere (lights, sounds). It is really captivating. Great activity for team building as it involves also teamwork and communication.

Emese Hints Avatar Emese Hints
16 January 2022

Our first ever escape room and it was amazing. Really intriguing puzzles, decoration taken straight out of Jules Verne books and a really good storyline. Definitely recommend ^^

Hunor Nedelka Avatar Hunor Nedelka
16 January 2022

Awesome story, magic atmosphere, interactive puzzles, a place where you want to go back asap and get the game going on ? A very different and authentic escape game in Cluj

T Alyse Avatar T Alyse
16 April 2022

We did the submarin and the castle escape room and both of them are amazing The design is realy impressive and there is a lot of trap and mechanism for the engigma and the puzzle. The owner is passionate and implicated in is job It was a realy nice experience!! I recomand you

cha Avatar cha
16 April 2022

Great experience. The riddles were thoughtful and fun. Nice owner. Full recommendation. (We went to the Transylvania Castle room)

Benedikt B Avatar Benedikt B
16 June 2022

Captivating environment with awesome and challenging puzzles. Perfect to keep your mind entertained for the whole time during the game.

Diana Tartan Avatar Diana Tartan
16 January 2020

Amazing setup, tried out the submarine and we had a great time, the puzzles were not way too difficult but required some thinking and teamwork. Overall we had a wonderful time and will surely return to try out the castle as well 🙂

Claudia Bica Avatar Claudia Bica
22 May 2022

Amazing host and amazing escape rooms. 5/5 will come back

Pica Darius Avatar Pica Darius
16 July 2022

I was really impressed by the effort put in design and the attention for small details . I was with my boyfriend and we were a bit anxious at first if it's too hard for 2 people and it was even better as an experience. The puzzles and the games are intriguing and challenging . Amazing experience for sure, made my birthday special ?

Simona Nistor Avatar Simona Nistor
16 January 2022

First time experience for me and my friends and we couldn't have started in a better place than this. We tried the Transylvanian Castle room, which we managed to finish just in time thanks to a few hints from the friendly host. I particularly liked the decorations; they make the experience immersive without making it unrealistic. Definitely recommend it and we ourselves can't wait to come back and try the submarine room.

Alex Battigelli Avatar Alex Battigelli
16 May 2022

Great place, we had a lot of fun, the design of the rooms is very realistic and the clues and tasks are extremely clever. We tried the submarine and we were very happy with the experience, the owner was super nice and welcoming! We'll definitely be back to try the other game, thank you so much for the experience and we highly recommend this place if you're looking for a fun escape room ?

Eva Oruç Avatar Eva Oruç
23 July 2022

The best escape room I have ever been. It's not only a room, but a very ingenious piece of art, where engineering and story telling are used at their best. It looks great, has a nice story and a cool atmosphere/vibe, the clues are ingenious and if you are also a little Arduino enthusiast, you are in heaven. The room was designed and build by the owner and I have a great respect for his passion. I really had a lot of fun escaping the submarine and was amazed about how cool this place is. It's worth just going to see what this man built, and the fact that you also have a chance to be a part of it all, it's just amazing.

Anca Faur Avatar Anca Faur
16 January 2022

I enjoyed the castle very much, from the puzzles themselves to the detailed designs of the room. The owner was very nice and calmly and clearly explained all the details. Overall a great experience!

Your hero Avatar Your hero
16 January 2022

An excellent escape room experience. The design of the submarine impressed me, the work done by the creators is really great, I recommend the room with confidence.

Dana Mîndreanu Avatar Dana Mîndreanu
16 May 2022

Great experience! The submarine room is really fun! The owner is great, he paid a lot of attention to details building it and it shows.

Mihnea Mihailescu Avatar Mihnea Mihailescu
16 June 2022

My friends and I had a great experience here completing the Transylvanian Castle escape room. The game is very intuitive and well thought out, and the ending was sweet. The owner is a lovely guy who's clearly passionate about his project. Thank you, we can't wait to return ????

Andreea M Avatar Andreea M
18 March 2023

10/10 in terms of escape rooms. Been to the Transilvania Castle as well as the submarine (same location). Fully recommended them both.

Cata Visan Avatar Cata Visan
16 January 2022

Amazing and immersing experience. Had a fantastic time!

Buster BUCKY Avatar Buster BUCKY
16 June 2022

Played the Castle escape room this evening the puzzles were very creative and challenging enough to be fun but not frustrating. We will be visiting again next time we are in Cluj.

Ben Lingard Avatar Ben Lingard
18 March 2023

Transilvania Castel- an amazing room with interesting puzzles to solve. The attention to details and room decorations are nicely thought. The host was friendly and was guiding us whenever we needed it. Definitely recommend it!

Petronela Hojbota Avatar Petronela Hojbota
16 August 2022

We had a great experience in both rooms. Interesting puzzles, nicely put together. We'll definitely come back to any future room.

Laura Radu Avatar Laura Radu
16 February 2022

Did the Castle escape with 3 more people. It was very fun. Intuitive and inovational puzzles and most importantly, the game master was not forcefull with the clues. Everything was very naturaland had an efortless flow. Definitely one of the best escape rooms I have visited so far.

Raou Szatmari Avatar Raou Szatmari
16 April 2022

Super cool experience! We've tried the Nautilus Submarine room and had a really great time. We liked the attention paid to the details and the fact that the rooms are partially automatized. We'll come back for the Hotel Transylvania room as well. Highly recommend it!

Ioana Adriana Stoica Avatar Ioana Adriana Stoica
16 March 2022

The effort put into making this room look and feel like submarine is amazing, and the craftmanship and details are out of this world - the mechanism on the door, the fish, the electronics, the lights, the little mocking messages :P. The puzzles are diverse and we liked that we could all contribute at the same time, the idea of two possible endings, the tehnical part of the puzzles. Congratulations to the creator! Looking forward to your new projects!

J J Avatar J J
19 September 2022